Monday, December 31, 2007

Todays Video & Pictures

Here is a video I did today. Its dark but you can still see the happy little guy. I need to work on the lighting issue.haha I also put so pics I snapped today in the outfit Mommy got with the gift card from Uncle Dusty. Thanks Uncle Dusty for the camo outfit. Grandpa and I stopped by Toys- R-Us and got Vinney his first baseball cap. I can't wait to snap some pictures of him in it but that has to wait until Thursday when he comes back over..... until then......

More Pictures

Here is another slideshow of Vinney's growing. I will add pictures I took today a little later. Enjoy!!

Vinney and Mommy at Nani's House

When Vinney and Mommy came home from the hospital they came to stay with Grandpa & Nani for a couple weeks. The following pictures are from that time.

The New Vinney Blog

I am making this blog because I am tired of not seeing the one his mommy made active. I thought everyone might like to see his progress as I like looking at Taylor & Jimmy's and Izzy & Emmy's. So here it is... I have a lot of pictures to add as I snap them all the time.... video's too.

The Big Day!!! September 28, 2007

Vincent Mikel Maucelli Marshall (aka Vinney) came bouncing into this world on September 28th. His mommy and I (his Nani) were present for the big occasion. In the waiting room were Auntie Joey, Uncle Nick, Auntie Sydney, Auntie Rachel, Grandpa Jim and Cousins Taylor, Jimmy & Kam. Vinney weighed in at a whopping 8 pounds & 7.9 ounces and was 21.5" long. What a handsome fellow he is.