Monday, January 12, 2009

Yummy Ice Cream

Vinney had his first fudge pop tonight with his grandpa. We had to get a shot of his face after it was finished. So cute!!!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009


I haven't updated for a while so I will add a few randon moments I caught of the little man.

This first pictures is on Thanksgiving. We had a wonderful feast at Nani Celli & Poppa's house. I took Vinney outside for a while to run. I also added a video in the video section.
He is such a good boy. I always said that his mommy was an angel when she was a baby and she had an angel too. (Hopefully little Andy Ray will be as good as Vinney is).
Below are randon pictures of our beautiful family.

Auntie Angie and Cousin Sean chatting at the kitchen table (left)
Mommy and Maw-Maw chatting on the other end of the table (right)

(left) Uncle Matt being silly as usual and (right) Auntie Ann and her boyfriend, Mark

(left) Poppa and Nani Celli (right) Mommy and Vinney {I love this picture but wish I would have washed his face before I took it. He had just been eating before it was taken.}

(left) Me and my Auntie NiNi (right) Me and my Poppa

Uncle Dusty and Auntie NiNi.(left)

We had a great time. The only ones missing were Joey, Eric, Taylor & Jimmy (because they were in Florida) and Nick (he had to work) and Rachel & Kam (they went somewhere else)

I'm sorry they couldn't make it. Maybe next year!