Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Finally Getting Better

Well our little sick boy managed to get both Grandpa and Nani sick too. We have all been battling the flu. We are finally getting better though.

The last time I blogged I was on my way to Stephi's house to take supplies for the sick baby. Well, when I got there, Stephi was so sick and the baby was listless. Needless to say, I could not just leave them. I told Stephanie that I would take the baby home with me so she could rest and recover. She protested at first because she felt like a bad mommy. But I told her that was silly, I was going to help her so she could get better so she could take care of him.

Anyway, he came home with me on Wednesday and stayed till Saturday. He was running a temp of 103 and was not feeling good at all. We were all up every couple of hours all night long. he slept with us the whole time he was here. The picture (above left) was him in our bed. The poor baby was miserable. He would cry in his sleep. I was so mad at the doctors for not giving him something to make him feel a little better but they said he was too young to treat.

Yesterday Stephi made another dr. appt for him because I told her I thought he had an ear infection because he would cry when he coughed and was pulling on his ears. I took him to the appt. and his doctor said he had a severe ear infection in both ears. We finally got an antibotic for him. Today he is feeling much better and was even smiling and playing for a while.

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  1. poor little guy, hope he feels better soon. neither of the girls have ever had ear infections or ran fevers, but all the same, it sucks when the little ones don't feel good. we will be thinking of him and sending him well wishes! xxoo