Saturday, May 30, 2009

Grandpa's Helper

Vinney loves to do anything that his Grandpa is doing. Vinster got a new lawn mower and wanted to help Grandpa mow the backyard. I am also adding a video below. I love having this little man around....he is the sunshine in my day. He is getting big too fast. He can say anything you ask him to. He is starting to put words together like "Come on" "My Nani" "It Stuck" "Bad Boy" Grandpas Boy" (actually he has said this for a long time) He will not say is anyone's boy but Grandpa's ....believe me we have tried. We will say Nani's boy and he says Nani...we say JoJo's boy and he says JoJo and so on then he says Grandpa's boy. Kyle says that he brain washed him. haha

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